It’s really hard to increase traffic on a new website without SEO.


But it’s not impossible also.

Well in this article, I’ll show you how you can increase the traffic on your new website fast without SEO.

Let’s dive in.

Why you need traffic on your website?

Well, the simple answer to this question is: Traffic is everything for a website.

No traffic = No sales

No sales = No money

But here’s the fact:

You just don’t need traffic, you need targeted traffic to convert your traffic into a customer.

Let’s say: You’re getting 10k visitors per month but none of them are converting into customers.

Then this traffic holds no value for your business and these are just useless traffic.

But on the other side, If you’re getting 1k visitors per month and the audience is highly targeted and they are converting into customers then these kinds of traffic is valuable for your website.

Now you’ve understood why traffic is important for your website. Let’s see how you can drive massive traffic to your website without SEO.

1. Use Quora to Generate Traffic to Your site

Believe me, Quora is a really powerful way to generate targeted traffic to your website.

Quora has over than 200 million monthly active users.

Here’s how you can use Quora to generate traffic to your website:

Head over to Quora and search for your targeted keyword.

get traffic from quora

For example: I have searched for a keyword called “Increase website traffic”.

After that, you’ll see all the questions related to the keyword. Just open any question which you can answer.

And then write an amazing answer and also link your website or if you have any blog post related to the answer. If anyone finds your answer helpful they will also visit your website.

As you can see in the picture below I got 1.8k views on Quora this month.

how to get traffic from quora

But do you know how much answer’s i write this month?

I answered just 2 questions.

But, I make sure that my answer is really helpful and solve their problem.

That’s why I got 1.8k views in just one day.

2. Comment on other blogs related to your niche

increase website traffic from comments

Blog commenting on related niche websites is a great way to attract new visitors. Besides traffic, you can also get backlinks to your site.

So, how you can do blog commenting which actually brings traffic to your site?

It’s super easy.

Here’s the step you need to follow to get traffic to your website for free from comments:

First, you need to find out blogs related to your niche. It cloud be your favourite blog or a blog you already know about.

Or you can also find out blogs in google related to your niche.

Here’s the search query you can use to find blogs for blog commenting:

“Your keyword” + “Add a new comment”
“Your keyword” + “Leave a comment”
“Your Keyword” + “Leave a reply”
“Your Keyword” + “Write a comment”
“Your Keyword” + “Post a comment”
“Your keyword” + “Notify me of follow-up comments”

After that make a list of blogs where you want to comment and save them in an excel sheet.

Now, go to each of the sites and write an interesting comment.

Don’t just spam, always add some value to your comment. Like you can ask a question or suggest something.

In other words:

You have to give a reason to the admin of the website to approve your comment.

So, let’s move into the next technique.

3. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social media site which can really bring you instant website traffic.

It helps me to generate free traffic to my website and it’s also my third highest traffic source.

I personally know many of the bloggers who are generating more than 200k+ unique visitors per month just using Pinterest.

Massive right?

Here’s how you can also use Pinterest to generate traffic to your new website without seo:

If you have an account on Pinterest that’s cool!

But, if you don’t simply head over to Pinterest and create an account.

After that, convert your personal account into a business account.

And, put your main keywords into your name and description.

how to increase website traffic from pinterest

Now, create awesome graphics and post it on Pinterest and add a link to your blog post or website.

But, remember you have to post consistently to get benefit from Pinterest and try to post as many as you can daily.

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4. Guest post on other website related to your niche

Do you guest post on other websites related to your niche?

If not, You’re missing a big chance of getting traffic to your site.

Guest blogging is a really powerful way to generate targeted traffic to your site.

But, guest blogging is not at all an easy task.

You have to invest your time to get any guest blogging opportunity from other websites.

But, how do you find websites which accept guest post?

Here’s an easy trick you can use to find tons of guest blogging websites:

Find websites who accept guest post using this search query:

  • “Your keyword” + “Submit a guest post”
  • “Your keyword” + “Guest post”
  • “Your keyword” + “Write for us”
  • “Your keyword” + “Accept guest post”
  • “Your keyword” + “Guest post by”

You can use this search query to find websites who accept guest post.

After you find the websites who accept guest post, pitch them an email about your guest post and also send them an outline of your blog post.

And if they accept your offer, your article will be published on that website.

5. Do blogger outreach and tell them to share your content or link back to you

Want to grow your website really fast?

Then you need to do blogger outreach.

Create a relationship with other bloggers in the industry.

It’s a great technique to get social traffic and quality backlink.

But, it’s that easy that you think.

Before asking for a share or link you need to add value.

Here’s how you can do it:

First, create a list of bloggers you want to target in your industry. Then build a relationship with them.

So, how you can build a relationship with them?

  • Share their content on social media
  • Mention them in your blog post
  • Try to contact them in social media
  • Email them (But don’t ask for share or link in the first email)

After you build a relationship with the bloggers you can ask them to share your content or for a backlink. If your content is share-worthy then they will definitely share your content.

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6. Get traffic from Facebook groups

Are you a part of a facebook group?

If not, you should definitely join a group right now. Because you’re missing out a big traffic opportunity.

A Facebook group is definitely a better option instead of facebook page if you want to generate traffic to your website.

You’ll find a ton of facebook group almost in every niche.

For example:

If your blog or website is about marketing then you need the facebook groups which are marketing related.

Let’s say if you join a dog group and your website is about marketing then you’ll not gonna get any traffic.

So, while choosing a facebook group always choose a group which are related to your niche.

After you find out all the groups then join those groups.

Some groups will be open where you can post anything without taking any approval and in some groups, you need to get approval to post anything.

7. Create controversial or viral content

Have you ever saw an article with a controversial title on your feed?

I know you probably click on it and read it. Right?

Here’s the power of controversial content.

Many people don’t talk about it but creating controversial content is a really amazing way to attract more traffic.

By creating controversial or viral content you are building curiosity of people and if you build curiosity, more and more people will click into your link and read it.

And, the best thing about this technique is you don’t have to ask others for a link and share. people will naturally share it and link to it.


I know it takes time to get traffic on a brand new website. But, if you create really useful content and follow these techniques that I’ve shared with you then you’ll definitely get traffic on your website.

But as I said, the main thing which matters the most is your content quality. Before publishing any content make sure that the content is really useful and solve peoples problem.

If people love your content they will naturally gonna share it and you don’t have to worry about getting traffic.

So, before using these techniques make sure that your content is high quality.

So, these are the 7 best techniques you can use increase traffic on a new website without SEO

Do you know any other technique? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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