Top bloggers in india and their earnings

Okay okay okay, do you want to know who are the top bloggers in India and how much they earn?

Then read this content. Because today I’m going to share with you some awesome stats about the top bloggers in India and also reveal their earning.

Blogging industry is growing day by day but, at the same time competition is also growing side by side.

So, if you are thinking that making money on blogging is “super easy” then my friend you are wrong.

The study shows that more than 80% of the bloggers never make $100 a year.

Now the question is-“is it possible to make money on blogging?”

Absolutely, it’s possible to make money on blogging.

Even, the top bloggers in India don’t get success overnight. They also face lots of struggles when they started. But, they keep on doing blogging and now they are making thousands of dollars each year.

In other words, You have to be consistent and passionate to succeed in this industry.

You can follow these top bloggers to learn more about blogging and make yourself motivated.

So, tell me- Are you excited to know who are they and how much they earn?

Then, without further ado, Let’s dive in.

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11 Top Bloggers In India And Their Earning

Before starting this article I want to tell you that there is not any official statement released about who is the top blogger, so we can’t say who is the no.1 blogger India. But I created this list is based on the popularity of the bloggers.

1. Harsh Agarwal [ShoutMeLoud]

Harsh Agarwal income

ShoutMeLoud was started in 2008 by Harsh Agarwal. When shoutmeloud was started it was initially a technology blog but, then he started to educate people about blogging.

His blog ShoutMeLoud educated and motivated so many bloggers to join blogging.

You will find lots of amazing articles about blogging and WordPress on this blog. So, if you are a blogger then I will definitely recommend you to read his blog.

ShoutMeLoud gets around 1.9 million views each month and earns between $40,000 to $50,000 every month, and more then 90% of his income comes from affiliate marketing.

Some Quick Information About ShoutMeLoud

  • Domain Authority:- 69
  • Founded in:- 2008

2. Amit Agarwal [Labnol]

amit agarwal income

He is India’s oldest blogger and graduated from IIT in computer science.

Back in 2004, he quit his job to pursue blogging. And, he is also the first blogger who made blogging a full-time career.

He writes on How to guides on computer software and mobile apps on his blog.

Amit also developed a popular google sheet add-on Mail Merge with Attachments.

His blog labnol awarded multiple times and also got Microsoft most valuable professional award.

Labnol gets over 7 million views each month and he earns approximately $50,000 to $70,000 every month and it is among the top earning blogs in India.

Some quick information about

  • Domain Authority:- 84
  • Founded in:- 2004

3. Kulwant Nagi [BloggingCage]

Kulwant nagi income

Kulwant is a very popular blogger among bloggers. He writes about tips and tricks on blogging.

Bloggingcage was started in 2012 aiming to share tips and tricks to new bloggers.

He is from Haryana, India.

I’m especially a big fan of this blog. I learn lots of things about blogging and affiliate marketing on this blog.

Most importantly he is also a good person. Recently I came across him and he gives me some awesome tips to grow my blog.

On average, his blog is getting 100k visitors each month and he makes anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 every month.

Some quick information about bloggingcage

  • Domain Authority:- 43
  • Founded in:- 2012

4. Anil Agarwal [BloggersPassion]

anil agarwal income

Bloggerspassion was started in 2010 by Anil Agarwal. Anil is from Gurgaon, India.

He shares tips on blogging and affiliate marketing on his blog. The best thing I like about Bloggerpassion is, they provide very In-depth article.

I’ve been following bloggerpassion from past 3 years and I will definitely recommend you to read this blog if you want to know more about blogging.

He publish his income report every year on his blog. In 2018 he made $1,06,000 in total and gets 1.2 million page views.

Some Quick information about bloggerspassion

  • Domain Authority:- 48
  • Founded in:- 2010

5. Pradeep Kumar [Hellboundbloggers]

Pradeep kumar hellboundbloggers income

Pradeep Kumar is the founder and owner of popular blog hellboundbloggers. He started this blog in 2009 when he was 17.

Hellboundbloggers covers topics like blogging, social media marketing, wordpress etc.

Besides hellboundbloggers he also have some other blogs. And, he is also CEO and founder of slashsquare.

Hellboundbloggers gets over 150k visitors each month and he earns between $20,000 to $30,000 per month.

Some quick information about hellboundbloggers

  • Domain Authority:- 47
  • Founded in:- 2009

6. Pradeep Goyal [Cashoverflow]

Pradeep goyal income

Cashoverflow is basically a finance blog. It was started in 2015 by the founder Pradeep goyal.

It is one of the fastest growing blog in India.

Cashoverflow provides tips to save money, investing your money and how to make money online.

Cashoverflow gets 200k+ visitors each month and earns between $5,000 to $10,000 every month.

Some quick information about Cashoverflow

  • Domain Authority:- 38
  • Founded in:- 2015

7. Ankit Singla [MasterBlogging]

Ankit singla masterblogging income

Ankit Singla is the founder of popular blog masterblogging. Basically its a quite new blog on the market, but the blogger behind it is not new. Ankit is blogging for the past 9 years.

He started his first blog when he was 17 years old.

Masterblogging is focused on topics like:- Blogging tips, make money online etc. Many professional and newbie blogger visit his blog to learn more about blogging.

I’m especially a big fan of his writing. I really enjoy reading his articles.

Masterblogging gets around 150k visitors each month and earns between $5,000 to $10,000 each month.

Some quick information about masterblogging

  • Domain Authority:- 45
  • Founded in:- 2018

8. Sandeep Mallya [99Signals]

Sandeep mallya 99signals income

Sandeep Mallya is a digital marketer from Bangalore and also the founder of 99signals. He started this blog in 2016. 

He writes articles on blogging tips, content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and many more.

You will find tons of awesome articles on his blog.

99Signals gets more than 50k visitors each month and Sandeep makes around $5000 each month from this blog.

Some quick information about 99signals

  • Domain Authority:- 47
  • Founded in:- 2016

9. Deepak Kanakaraju [DigitalDeepak]

deepak kanakaraju digitaldeepak income

Deepak Kanakaraju is a digital marketer and blogger. He started his digital marketing career in 2008.

His blog DigitalDeepak is one of the top digital marketing blog in India. He shares all of the things he learns in digital marketing.

He gets more than 100k visitors on his blog every month and he manages to earn $10,000 to $20,000 each month. Most of his income comes from his services, ebooks and affiliate marketing.

Some quick information about Digitaldeepak

  • Domain Authority:- 43
  • Founded in:- 2014

10. Anand Khanse [TheWindowsClub]

Anand khanse income

Anand khanse is the founder of thewindowsclub. Thewindowsclub was founded in 2009.

This blog also won many awards like the Microsoft MVP award.

It is a technology blog. He writes articles on tips and tricks and how to guides on technology but, primarily Microsoft microsoft windows.

Thewindowsclub gets more than 10 million visitors each month and he earns anywhere between $30,000 to $40,000.

Some quick information about Thewindowsclub

  • Domain Authority:- 83
  • Founded in:- 2009

11. Amit Bhawani [PhoneRadar]

Amit bhawani phoneradar income

Amit Bhawani is a professional YouTuber and blogger. His blog Phoneradar is one of the popular technology blog in India.

He has more than 800k subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

His blog phoneradar is mainly focused on technology news and smartphones.

Phoneradar gets 300k visitors each month and he earns between $10,000 to 15,000 each month from his blog.

Some quick information about Phoneradar

  • Domain Authority:- 77
  • Founded in:- 2014

So, these are the top bloggers in India and their earnings.

Are you a blogger? Do you motivated after reading this article? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    thanks for making it awesome

  2. Great list buddy,

    These guys are being in the industry for a long time and proved themselves the best from the rest. It’s good to follow them, but yeah a blogger should never be a copy of them. I read their blogs quite regularly and there is a lot to be learned from them.

    Thanks, have a great day!

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