How to find high cpc keywords in india [ 2018 ]

Here in India, the Adsense cpc is very low. Finding high cpc keywords in India can be really difficult for you if you don’t know how to properly do it.

Adsense is the most popular ad network on the internet today. Most of the bloggers and YouTubers generate a big percentage of their revenue from Google Adsense.

But, Things are different in India. Indian bloggers and YouTubers don’t make that much money as compared to European countries.

Because, most of the Indian companies don’t spend on digital advertising as compared to USA or other European countries. That’s why The CPC (Cost per click) here in India is too low as compared to European countries.

There are a few tricks you can apply to get High cpc and boost up your google earning.

When its come to CPC then you need to understand that keyword is the second most important factor besides Country to get high cpc in Google Adsense.

You need to find high cpc keywords to get high cpc in India.

How You Can Find High CPC Keywords in India

Finding high paying Adsense keywords can be really difficult in 2018. Because, high cpc keywords means high in competition.

But, Don’t worry I have a really awesome trick for you. By applying this trick you will get high cpc keywords with less competitions.

And, that trick is to find long tail keywords with high cpc. Because long tail keywords have low competitions and will rank faster than short-term keywords.

You can use some of the keywords research tools like SemRush ( Paid ) , Ahref ( Paid ) , Google Keyword Planner ( Free ). I will explain later in this article how you can use each of these tools to find long tail high cpc keywords.

How to use SemRush to Find High CPC Keywords

SemRush is a really awesome tool to find high paying ( High cpc keywords) in India. You can easily find long tail high cpc keywords within minutes.

In this article, I will tell you step by step guide to get high cpc keywords

First of all, SemRush is a paid tool so if you want to use it to find high paying Adsense keywords then you need to purchase it. However, you can use their free trial but there is a lot of limitations and day search limit. so, if you want a better result then consider to buy it ( If possible ).

Okay, at first you need to enter your competitor’s domain at the top and then hit search.

How to find high cpc keywords in india [ 2018 ]

Then you need to click on Organic Research. Then this kind of page will open ( as shown below at the screenshot ).

How to find high cpc keywords in india [ 2018 ]

You can see all the keywords that this particular website is ranking for and you can also see their cpc.

Now you can simply sort the cpc list and see the highest cpc keywords this website is ranking for and then you can also use those keywords on your blog.

While you are finding high cpc keywords always go with long tail keywords because long tail keywords rank better on google.

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How To Use Ahref To Find High CPC Keywords for Adsense in India

Ahref is one of the popular SEO tools on the internet today. Many famous bloggers use Ahref for keyword research.

Ahref is also a paid tool but you can try it for a 14 days trial.

okay, now let’s see how you can use Ahref to find high cpc keywords.

First, you need to open Ahref then go to keyword explorer and put your main keyword there and hit search.

How to find high cpc keywords in india [ 2018 ]

After that, you will get a page as shown below.

How to find high cpc keywords in india [ 2018 ]

As you can see the cpc for this particular keyword is showing at the corner. But, for more related long tail keyword you need to click on “phrase match”. 

How to find high cpc keywords in india [ 2018 ]

Then you need to sort the cpc from high to low. And, you will get all the high cpc keywords related to the keyword “Insurance” and you can also see the competition for keywords.

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How To Use Google Keyword Planner To Find High CPC Keywords in India.

Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool provided by Google.

If you are new to blogging and your budget is low then google keyword planner is the best option for you. Google keyword planner gives you all the information about keywords such as Traffic, CPC, Competition etc.

It’s really easy to use Google keyword planner.

Open your google keyword planner and search any keyword related to your niche.

How to find high cpc keywords in india [ 2018 ]

After that, Google keyword planner will suggest all the keywords related to the keyword you search for.

For example, I search for “Insurance” and as you can see at the above image google suggested me lots of keywords related to “Insurance” and also provided the cpc rate of the keywords.

That is how you can take benefits of this free keyword research tool to find high cpc keywords.

So, these are the three tools you can use to find high paying keywords for your blog to increase your Adsense earnings. You can use this trick to increase your Adsense earnings.

Here is The List High Paying Keywords

  1. Mesothelioma Law Firm [$179]
  2. How to Donate A Car in California [$111]
  3. Donate Your Car Sacramento  [$118]
  4. Donate Car for Tax Credit [$126]
  5. Donate Cars in MA [$125]
  6. Car Insurance Quotes [$61]
  7. Better Conference Calls [$91]
  8. Annuity Settlements [$101]
  9. Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia [$92]
  10. Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting [$53]
  11. Car Insurance Quotes Utah [$97]
  12. Online Criminal Justice Degree [$60]
  13. Criminal lawyer Miami [$70]
  14. Cheap Domain Registration Hosting [$98]
  15. Insurance Companies [$52]
  16. How to Donate A Car in California [$111]
  17. Dayton Freight Lines [$99]
  18. Donate Cars Illinois [$98]
  19. Car Insurance Quotes PA [$92]
  20. Forex Trading Platform [$20]
  21. Email Bulk Service [$92]
  22. Injury Lawyers [$60]
  23. Hard drive Data Recovery Services [$98]
  24. Met Auto [$93]
  25. Royalty Free Images Stock [$92]
  26. Virtual Data Rooms [$83]
  27. Personal Injury Lawyers [$66]
  28. Personal Injury Law Firm [$60]
  29. Motor Replacements [$98]
  30. Paperport Promotional Code [$95]


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